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Graphic Design //

Spode Art Works

The Brief //

Produce a visual identity and modular range of printed material that can be updated and inserted into a ‘master collection’ as new artists take up their studio spaces and release new work. These modular components, when brought together as an update-able ‘book’ will form a master showcase that can be mailed to selected organisations interested in commissioning art or investing in the project. The individual components will also be used independently to promote the works of artists or grouped selectively to appeal to a specific investor/commissioner. The response will help to improve the image of the city and to celebrate the creativity it holds, ultimately encouraging new commissions and investment into the project. The outcome will be versatile in that it needs to complement all artistic practices, including both performing and visual arts. A potential investor and/or commissioner must feel confident that they are investing in a project that has substance and longevity.

Target //

Art buyers, commercial and non-commercial galleries, design agencies. and businesses wishing to commission art. Also, funding bodies such as The Arts Council, The National Lottery, The Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Private Sector Investors.

The Response //

The visual Identity that I created for this project was inspired by the entrance to the physical location of Spode Art Works. It combines the heritage of the site with the modernity of reusing the building to create a new future for artists.

The information leaflets and business cards are interchangeable -  providing the flexibility and longevity that the brief required. The colour palette is muted with small accents to be used minimally. This provides space for artist's work to be showcased without design elements conflicting with their own personal creative styles.

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